Leadership Team Training


What is Leadership training?

Our program focuses on training leaders to understand how God's design has an impact on those under their influence. Many of the conflicts that arise in leadership are simply miscommunications that come from misunderstanding how individual design effects communication. Bridges to Unity wants to work with you, as long as it takes, for your leaders to become effective communicators. Through behavioral study, interactive exercises, and personal stories, we can help improve the strength of your influence.

Who Can Participate?

The Leadership Team Training Program is for teams or individuals with a desire to improve in their relational influence. We encourage leadership from ministries, business or communities to reach out and let us evaluate impact opportunities for your organizational culture.

Why Should We Participate?

Individuals communicate and receive information differently. Depending on their personality and the context of their story, it is important for us to recognize that not all information is heard the same way. Leadership has many pitfalls that come from miscommunication, misunderstanding and its impact on trust. A leader equipped with this awareness will see significant improvement in how they take care of the people looking to them for guidance.